Redefine Masculinity

Transitioning from man to a human being first

Men are privileged simply by being associated with the masculine. This helps explain the fact that positions of political, economic and social leadership remain dominated by men. Men as a whole, when compared to women as a whole, continue to have greater political power, economic wealth and social status. Given the benefits that men get from patriarchal masculinities, a question that is often asked in relation to men and transformative masculinities is then: “Why should men change?” Some of the major points are as following:

  • Quality of life improves as men aren't judged for the so called "un-manly" things, like cooking or designing or pursuing various art forms, or for taking time off or maybe crying their eyes out to shed the emotional load. Also, men go through the same issues as women in case of an assault but in India and many other South Asian countries the laws aren't structured to let men even file a case in such an incident due to the prevailing misogynism. Inclusive feminism could make these things work for men in a way which isn't allowed by patriarchy. Life for men becomes more peaceful and harmonious.

  • Quality of relationships improve with family, spouse, collogues, friends of other sex and those who identify as other genders. Harmonious relationships at homes, schools, playing fields and workplaces will reduce the number of disputes that usually occur due to issues like gender based work allotment, unnecessary judgement for being friends with other gender, etc.  

*This is the guiding document for this section of the campaign
This document contains:

1. Masculinity and Violence against women
2. Feminism vs. Patriarchal Masculinity
3. Transformative Masculinity